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Our Fostering Ambassador

We have recently received some lovely feedback from one of our fostering ambassadors. She has been fostering with the agency for over eight years. Shazia has shared her fostering experiences and what it has been like to foster with Sunbeam Fostering Agency.

We would like to thank all our foster carers for their dedication and hard work that they always provide to the agency and most importantly to our children and young people. We know this past year has been especially challenging with the current pandemic, but as an agency we are continuing to operate as normal and provide our foster carers, children and young people with all the help and support needed.


I am Shazia, I have been fostering with Sunbeam for eight and half years. As a foster carer my journey with Sunbeam has been very pleasant and successful. In the past eight years I had number of children from different countries and cultures.  In 2018 I had an Enhanced Placement, a child with anger issues was placed with me. Sunbeam gave me support and encouragement, guidance and trainings to develop my skills and understanding in support a child with these needs.

When I had any issues or any problem they always helped me and gave me positive energy. Sunbeam have a very experienced and friendly staff. All the staff members are approachable at all times. We can discuss all sort of issues comfortably and they always give us good support and suggestions. Sunbeam Fostering Agency always appreciate our efforts and work, which gives us a great feeling and reward for our work. Sunbeam organise lots of events like, support groups, workshops, trainings, a day out, awards ceremonies for young persons, foster carers and their families.

I have now become a Fostering Ambassador for Sunbeam. As an ambassador, I will always encourage people who want to begin a fostering career and looking to join the Sunbeam Family. Being a foster carer for the past eight years, I know fostering is team work. Without a good social worker and other great staff members to support, one cannot become successful foster carer.

One thing which I like the most about Sunbeam Fostering Agency is they always encourage us as foster carers.

Lastly I would like to say is, it makes me feel proud to provide children and young people with confidence by nurturing them in a safe loving environment.


If you are interested in fostering or would like to know more about the fostering journey, our dedicated recruitment team are on hand to guide you, answer all your fostering questions and provide you with our guide to fostering handbook. At the moment we are also hosting virtual coffee mornings on our Facebook page, to provide applicants with a chance to speak with our team. If this is something you would be interested in attending, please check our website or Facebook page for upcoming dates.