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Parent and child placements

Parent and child placements

The Fostering Network recently carried out an annual survey this year to ascertain the foster placements that were in greater need. At the top of the greatest in demand were homes for teenagers and sibling groups. The third type of placement that was in great need were parent and baby/child placements.

There has been a greater demand for these type of placements throughout the years as more and more residential parent and baby units have been closed because of various reasons including the budget cuts. Parent and child placements are used to develop a parents parenting ability, the parent could be either gender, or any age. Some parents in these placements are adult in their thirties or forties or under sixteen. The aim is to hopefully be in a position where the parent and child can remain together as a family for the long term.

Foster Carers who offer parent and child placements recognise the skills necessary to offer this care are different to more mainstream fostering. Placements of this type are usually short, typically a 12 week duration. The role of the foster parent is to offer guidance, supervise, support and monitor. Their detail to recording is critical, particularly as the observations may be used as evidence in a court arena.

Many foster carers who provide this type of support state that they find this rewarding, being able to support a parent and child to be in a position where they are able to remain together and lead a positive life as a family. That’s not to say that these type of placements are without their challenges. It can be emotional, particularly, for any reason, the parent if unable to look after the child appropriately or safely.

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