Road Safety Week 2018

Road Safety Week 2018 is organised by ‘Brake’, a road safety charity. This is an annual event and the biggest road safety awareness event in the UK. Road Safety Week helps to get thousands of organisations, schools and communities to get involved and help raise awareness.

According to ‘Awareness Days’ the police often do roadside checks on vehicles for safety, ensuring that people are aware of the dangers of poorly maintained vehicles and the risks that the vehicle could have to the drive and people around them. Also remembering to drive safely and to the speed limit as dangerous driving can be the cause of major accidents.

Using Road Safety Week, it is a great way to teach your children how to stay safe went crossing roads. Why not use this week to teach your children the highway code?

The Highway Code:

  1. Find the safest place to cross – Find the best and safest route to cross, if there is a zebra, pelican or traffic light crossing be sure to always use this way. You can always look out for traffic wardens to help you cross safely.
  2. Stop and look all around – Stand back from the edge of the road so you are safely on the pavement, be sure to look around for any oncoming vehicles, cyclist and any other passing traffic to make sure it is safe to cross.
  3. Look and listen – Look around you to see any traffic, also be sure to listen as you might be able to hear vehicles before you can see them.
  4. Wait until it is safe to cross – If there is oncoming traffic, make sure you wait before crossing.
  5. Look and listen again – Be sure to double check and when it is safe to do so cross the road safely.

For more information and tips on how to keep your children safe when crossing the road click here to visit the Highway Code UK.

As the theme of the week this year has been around ‘bike smart’ this is a message focusing on the safety of those who ride on two wheels. With the number of accidents rising with people who are on bikes and motorbikes the Break Charity have decided to focus this year’s road safety week on ‘bike smart’ and how to protect those who are on two wheels. Please visit the road safety week website for more information by clicking here.