Fostering Children

The little things that mean a lot to children

The little moments in life very often mean so much to your children. Read some of the top ideas which will provide special memories that will last with your child forever.

  1. Encourage your child: Encouraging your child is a great method to help keep them motivated and letting them know you are proud. They may be doing well in school, or at a sport they play or it might even be them building on their confidence. By encouraging them it helps them to know they are doing well and you are recognising their hard work.
  2. Listen to them: When they are telling you a story or about something that happened in their day, make sure to really listen to what they are telling you.
  3. Ask them questions: Ask them interesting questions, you will get an insight into their minds, they would be thrilled you want to know!
  4. Let them teach you something: It might be a new game they have learnt, or something they have been learning at school.
  5. Spend time together: Don’t forget to spend some quality time together, it could be something as simple as going for a walk to your local park, or going for ice cream. It is the perfect bonding opportunity for you both.
  6. Read with them: Read a story to them, or they can read a story to you. It is also a great time to get them away from their ipads, tablets and phones and all other distractions. Encourage them to pick a book and talk about it.
  7. Be thankful: When they make you something it may be a picture, painting or cardboard cut-out. Be thankful that they have taken the time out to create you something and have thought of you when making it.
  8. Leave a note: Why not leave a note in their lunch box, or hang up a nice message in their bedroom so they can see it when they come home.
  9. Show praise if they do a chore: Praise them on how well they have done on a chore without being prompted, it could be something as little as putting their plate away after eating.
  10. Have a movie night with them: On the weekend why not treat them to a movie night, put on their favourite movie with their favourite snacks and sit back and relax together!