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Sons and Daughters Month – Writing from Birth Children

To end the celebration Sons & Daughters month, we have asked some of our Carers birth children to write or draw their experiences of being apart of a Fostering Family.

Their involvement and contribution should always be recognised as they are an important component within every fostering household.

One of our carers birth children wrote down his experience of when a sibling group was placed with his family.

“August 18th, they first came and we spent two hours with them but then I went camping. They came to visit a couple of times but only slept once. We got back and I instantly sat down. A week or two later, we were on my trampoline every day, playing on there after school. Sometimes they could be bit naughty but we are teaching them. Although you would expect that from a 4 and 6-year-old”.

Writing from birth child














His brother has also drawn a picture of his house and his family with the two new children in placement and of course their family dog.

Sons and daughters