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Sunbeam is celebrating “Sons and Daughters Week” this week

Sunbeam is celebrating “Sons and Daughters Week” this week

Sons and daughters play an important role in foster homes. Fostering involves enabling children placed in care to have a positive sense of family – birth children are a key part in creating this positive experience. When a child or young person comes into care, this can be a daunting and lonely experience. Having another child present in the home can help foster children or young people settle in more easily. Relationships between birth children and foster children can play a significant role in determining the success or breakdown of a placement and in the past, the role of birth children has been unrecognised. Furthermore, placements are not always easy going and birth children also experience the challenges that come with fostering. Their ability to manage the ups and downs of placements shows the patience and resilience birth children have.

Sunbeam is celebrating “Sons and Daughters Week” this week, one of our birth daughters “Sawera Waheed” was able to take part in the fostering networks video, please see the link below. Sawera is the daughter of Sumera and Abdul Wahid. We want to say special thanks to Naqi for helping to arrange this and for one of our birth children being able to take part in this.