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Sunbeam Pride – Appreciation Day

Sunbeam Pride had their appreciation day on Sunday at Whipsnade Zoo. This is one of the ways in which all of us staff at Sunbeam say thank-you to our fantastic fostering families for all of the hard-work that they do throughout the year. We value your commitment and care so much and we hope that yesterday went some way to giving something back to you all.

In total there were over 83 carers, children and young people and it was so lovely to see all of your faces in person enjoying the animals and using the brilliant park facilities. Despite a very heavy down poor of rain at the start,  it cleared up beautifully and stayed dry for the rest of the afternoon.  A favourite moment was when one member of staff accidently mistook an electronic dinosaur for a Giraffe!!

Thank you Sunbeam Pride Carers for all that you do – We Appreciate You !!!

Across Sunbeam Group we are planning lots of fun days out, support groups for our foster carers, children, young people and birth children to take part in. We always love hearing your feedback and any ideas you have for support groups or days out. If you would like to put any suggestions forward or would like to share any feedback, please send us an email to socialm@sunbeamfostering.com