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Support Group for Birth Children West London

Support Group for Birth Children West London

We recently held a support group at our Head Office in Langley, for the birth children of our Foster Carers. It is a good opportunity for the children to come together and discuss their experiences and feelings about being part of a fostering family. It was also organized to acknowledge their involvement and celebrate their contribution. The children actively participated in the activities and discussions. They shared their experiences, likes and dislikes and challenges they face while supporting their parents.

Two brothers who are part of a fostering family in West London wrote few words about why their family foster.

“I think you have to Foster a child and then keep getting others because the parents can’t take care of them”.

Ali feedback





“I think we have to Foster a child because we’ve got a family and someone to love. They don’t and then they can’t have fun times with their friends”

Omar feedbck