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Support Group for Young People and Birth Children

Support Group for Young People and Birth Children

Earlier last week, our South Central team held a support group for our looked after children and Foster Carers birth children in the area. It was held in Portsmouth and it was a great day for children to come along to play some games, interact and share their experiences and feelings.

Support groupAlthough the weather was a bit wet and windy, the team and the children still managed to play football and run around outside. There was also board games, drawings and softball games to play indoors.

The main topic of the support group was to discuss the children’s feelings around the school and any concerns they may have. The children sat as a group but were also spoken to on their own in case they wanted to speak in private about any concerns.

It was great to hear that they were all doing so well at school and making good transitions into new school years or new schools.

Overall, it was a lovely day for all the children to get together and a chance for them to share any concerns or experiences they have had.

These support groups are held on a regular basis for our looked after children, birth children and Foster Carers to get to get together to not only raise any concerns or their views but to have fun!