Foster Parents

Back to school: Top Tips

This week is the start of children and young people going back to school after the long summer holiday period. We understand that getting back into the swing of daily routines can seem challenging at first. Here are some great ideas that can help to make those first few days back to school a little easier.

1. Stationary Shopping: Stationary shopping can be a great fun activity to do to begin preparing your child or young person to get back into routine. It is also a great way to spend some quality time together! For some children picking out their new pens, pencils, rubbers and rulers can be exciting and the thought of back to school might not be so bad now they are fully equipped.

2. Talk to your child or young person how they are feeling going back to school: Talking to your child or young person about how they are feeling going back to school can be a great way to prepare them. If you start talking about it, the process may not seem as daunting. The first week of back to school are the most crucial, some children may be happy and excited to start a new school or go back into the new term. However, some children may find it quite overwhelming. Talking to your child or young person can make them feel more comfortable about going back to school and it can help them to feel more at ease.

3. Provide encouragement: Keep that positive energy going! Encourage your children that going back to school will be fun. A chance to meet their friends, go back to some of their favourite lessons and subjects they enjoy learning about and even the opportunity to join new clubs.

4. Prepare a study area: A great way to help your child back to school is preparing their study area. This will help them to feel settled and a place for them to do their homework. This may be an area in their room or maybe even at the kitchen table. Another great way to prepare them to study is provide some snacks which they can tuck into when they get hungry.

5. More responsibility: Going into a new school year can be exciting for a child or a young person. With them now being that bit higher up in their school, why not give them some more responsibility. This term they may be getting the school bus on their own, or walking home. A great way for more responsibility could be by giving them a whiteboard where they can write down their school schedule, this way they will know what books to pack on what day.

6. Embrace hobbies: A great way to get your child back into the school routine is embracing some school activities that they enjoy. For example, this may be an arts and crafts club or a sports club. This can help with their self-esteem and building confidence.

7. Get prepared the night before: Help your child to pack their bag the night before and layout their school uniform. This will also help to save time in the morning.

8. Build up the routine: Getting back into routine can seem difficult, however over the first few days and weeks of your child going back to school help to build up a routine again. Earlier nights, earlier mornings and homework after school.

9. Remember to find time to relax: Finding time to relax for both you and your child is important, with busy school and working lives it can be exhausting. There are many stress-relieving activities to enjoy, this could possibly be watching some TV or a film or taking your child to the park.

10. Start the day with a healthy breakfast: Starting the day right is important. A healthy nutritional breakfast can keep your child going throughout the day.