Foster Carer

It is wonderful to see the excitement!

It is wonderful to see the excitement!

Our approved carers in Portsmouth have spoken openly about their experiences looking after two different placements. A young girl last year and now preparing a sibling group for their first Christmas with them. They have highlighted the difficulties children may display at this tough time of year but their commitment and passion demonstrate what a difference they can make.

What a difference a year makes!!!

This time last year we were walking on eggshells as the young girl we were looking after was demonstrating a lot of challenging behaviours. We were aware that she had difficulty with understanding and dealing with her emotions, so this time of year was always going to be hard. Unfortunately she believed that every present came with a price or that she did not deserve anything, but to be honest, we had a lovely Christmas and she was very chilled all day.

This year the 11 year old boy and his 12 year old sister are so excited they started their Christmas lists in September…….they want everything!!! They wanted to be part of the decorating, help with the Christmas shopping. They have even used some of their own money to buy  their “foster uncles, aunts and cousins ” presents.

They are literally counting down the days until Christmas, it is wonderful to see the excitement in their eyes and to see them so happy and settled with us.