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World Book Day 2021

World Book Day 2021

Like everything else this year, World Book Day will be slightly different focusing on celebrating the day virtually. Although World Book Day cannot be celebrated how everyone would have liked this year, this event is a great time to encourage all to start reading whilst in lockdown.

World Book Day is a charity helping to change children’s lives by making reading together or alone fun and a positive habit for life.

Sharing stories together for even just ten minutes a day will encourage a love of reading and its fun for everyone! You can read together anywhere, from breakfast to bedtime! Reading has proven to have plenty of benefits such as, mental stimulation, stress reduction, knowledge and vocabulary expansion, memory improvement and many more.

World Book Day provides children to create outfits and dress up as their favourite characters, enjoy the day with family. It’s great for parents to get involved and dress up too! Reading gives children the chance to experience different words and run free with their imagination and also a fun way benefit them educationally. Reading should be an important part of a child’s day, and having world book day is the occasion to celebrate the power of story-telling.

The World Book Day Organisation have exciting new developments in store for this year’s World Book Day campaign. We have the new World Book Day Book Club and Share a Story corner, as well as the exciting new line-up for 2021’s £1 books. Check out all the new World Book Day books here.

If you have any stories you would like to share, please contact us on 02087 990 930 or you can email our marketing team via socialm@sunbeamfostering.com