Social Work

World Social Work Day 2018

World Social Work Day 2018

Today is World Social Work Day and we want to say a huge thank you to all our social workers, they are dedicated and go the extra mile to ensure our carers, children and young people feel supported at all times. World Social Work Day is a great way to make awareness of all the hard work that goes on in the social work world.

What social workers do

Social workers take on a variety of different roles – in fostering social workers provide support for lots of different fostering families day or night. Social workers provide the support for vulnerable children, helping them to feel more comfortable in their new home environment. As well as taking care and support of foster carers and helping them to build up a relationship and family life between them and their placement. Their work helps to provide a much brighter future for a child or young person.
Social workers aim to:
– Enhance parenting and provide support and development for a child, foster parent or family.
– Arrange support for children whose families are unable to care for them
– Help improve health, development and well-being.

The purpose of social workers

In often cases many people are not actually aware of what social workers do, and many people have never been in contact with a social worker in their life. The purpose of a social worker is to provide and encourage ways of over-coming challenging situations enabling to improve someone’s life.
Social workers ensure to maintain relationships between themselves and the family they support. This is to make families feel comfortable in their care and to build trust well as keeping good communication.
Social work is therefore practiced with communities, families and children to enhance a better life for those in contact with them.

One of the most rewarding jobs

Being a social worker can be one of the most rewarding jobs, becoming a social worker provides the opportunity to help support someone and change their life for the better. According to the Guardian statistics levels, 1,411 professionals from a variety of social work roles when asked 84% said they were proud of their job, meanwhile 77% of people asked said they enjoyed their job and another 71% said they feel they are making a difference.

Social workers are responsible for many positive outcomes

Every day social workers build relationships and create great outcomes and changing someone’s life for the better. Social workers provide them with support and someone to turn to in what may be one of their darkest and vulnerable times of their life for help and advice.