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5 Ways to Encourage Your Children to be Readers

5 Ways to Encourage Your Children to be Readers

1 | Let your children see you reading

Children are our shadows and our mimickers. Let them see you reading often and talk to them about the books you are reading. If they see their parents/carers reading daily, they will believe that reading every day is a normal way of living life.

2 | Read to them. A lot.

It is important to start reading books to your children from an early age, maybe every night before bed would be a good place to start when they are young. Listening to audiobooks when in the car or whilst in bed is another great way for children to be introduced to different methods of being read to. Read books you love and they love. Your consistency and enthusiasm will rub off onto your children!

3 | Go to the library

The library is a magical place where children are introduced to several genres that they can choose to explore. Being surrounded by so many beautiful and colourful books will trigger the desire for children to read and discover. Also, having their own library card will give a sense of responsibility and belonging, encouraging the children to visit the library often.

4 | Ensure books are readily available to them

Provide children with books they love and enjoy (especially whilst they are still learning how to read). Find a series they love and let them just read that series in their own time. It is important to remember that your first goal is to teach them to love reading. As your children get older this can become a great foundation for their required taste in reading.

5 | Let them take books to bed. Just books.

At times, children will ask to take technology such as tablets or a toy to bed. Try to steer them back to books and be consistent with your approach. This is a much more relaxing and therapeutic way for your children to end a busy day. Audio books are a great way for children to settle before drifting off into a peaceful sleep.