Child Safety Week (5-11 June 2017)

Child Safety Week (5-11 June 2017)

This week from June 5th-11th is child safety week. It is a campaign is to highlight the important ways you can keep you child safe and protect them from harm. This may be physical changes within the home or simply being more mindful of when your children are in public or on their own. According to ChildAlert, 500,000 children under the age of 4 are injured in the home every year.

Simple steps such as keeping cleaning products safely locked away or even pushing the kettle to the back of the work surface can keep your children safe. By being conscious and aware of what might harm your child is important and even remembering everyday things might be putting your child in danger.

  • A cup of tea can burn a child 15 minutes after it has been made. Therefore, ensure your hot drink is kept away from a child who could reach it.
  • A child can drown in 5cm of water so never leave your child alone in the bath even if you may think the water is shallow.

There can be many physical and conscious changes to make within your home to protect your child but safety continues outside the home and in all the places your children visits.

Ensure you child knows about road safety. It might sound simple and the child might think it is unnecessary to speak about this but in the past year, 5000 children were seriously injured when crossing the road. This can be due to being distracted by mobile phones, talking to friends or simply carelessness when crossing the road.

Children cannot be with their parents at all times, so it is important they can be safe, smart and protect themselves when they are on their own. Make sure you child knows that it is dangerous to talk to strangers or accept anything from them. Alternatively, get in a car with someone they do not know or even someone they do know, if the journey is not planned.

Keeping children safe is paramount and should be priority in all day-to-day routines and activities. By talking to your child and explaining different safety measures will help keep them protected from harm as they grow older. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and understanding what could be harmful and how to prevent anything from happening to yourself, your children and others around you. http://www.childalert.co.uk/