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Events for Young People in Care

Events for Young People in Care

At Sunbeam Pride Fostering we try to organize a number of events throughout the year for our young people to enjoy. This summer, the eastern region Sunbeam Pride’s family summer day out took place on the 4th August at Brancaster beach.

The supervising social worker for that region, Netty, describes the day:

Just after 11am we all met at Brancaster Beach in Norfolk, this was a good 2 hour drive, but worth it, the beach was lovely and sandy. On arrival the weather was a little overcast, however by mid-afternoon the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm.

We set up a picnic area and Andy (a foster carer) being the builder of the group hammered in the wind breaker….until the hammer broke..!

The young people all got buckets and spades from the beach shop and enjoyed starting to dig their way through the sand, the foster carers couldn’t help but join in and by late afternoon the tide had reached the area dug out area, it was a Fort as one foster child explained to Netty with a moat. The children added sandcastles on top of the walls, it was very impressive.

The boys of the group did the boy thing and set up kite flying, they were very professional doing tricks it wasn’t long before the carers all joined in this experience. The girls did not want to be left out so Netty got the little kite and the girls were more than capable of getting this to fly in the sky….it fell a few times…but no one was counting !!

The sea was lovely and warm and we all had a paddle, then some were a little braver and went in for a swim.

Some of the children were like fish and could not get enough of the water.

Others swan a little closer to the shore, which was still fun. All the children got along really well together.

Some of the foster carers were good at keeping the picnic area organised and provided us all with sandwiches, drinks and goodies, Netty did bring butterfly cakes….which came pre-packaged by Mr Kipling !!

A couple of the foster carers became very competitive and challenged each other to a game of swing ball.

As Promised a Mr Whippy Ice Cream!!

“Brilliant Day”
“Will definitely come here again…”
“We’ve had a lovely day…Thank You”

We have a number of other events lined up this year for all of our foster and birth children in the regions where we have foster carers.

If you are interested in fostering and really want to make a difference in a child’s life, they why not contact us at Sunbeam Pride Fostering on 01582 218 228 and one of our friendly staff members will happily talk to you.