Father's Day

Father’s Day 2020

Father’s day is an annual event that takes place in June, it is an occasion that is celebrated by many dads and their children across the county. It is a day for children to show their love and make their Dad feel special. However, for some children and some foster parents, Father’s day can be difficult.

Father’s Day can be difficult for children in foster care as they may feel disloyal to their biological Father for celebrating the day without him. They may feel guilt or sadness. These range of emotions must be understood and foster families must be aware of this and understand ways of how to support them. Try to have a mutual understanding of what is involved or what is happening on the day. Especially if there are birth children in the household. It is important for the child not to feel pressured.

If you have a child or young person in your care for Father’s day, it is important to make them feel comfortable, let them know they can talk to you about anything at any time. Have the understanding with them that there is no pressure on the day, try to reassure them and support them through the day.  Father’s day can make children feel uncomfortable when they are in care, they may not even want to acknowledge the day. However, they may feel happy to celebrate the day with you, wanting to be a part of the memories and experience. The day may emphasise the love and support which their foster carer has provided them and cherish the memories which they have shared with you.

Foster carers provide loving homes and support for our children and young people. They make huge differences to lives despite past trauma that they may have been through. Understanding the difficult situation of special days like Father’s day and supporting your child or young person through it, being able to enjoy and have fun on the day together.

Happy Father Day to all fathers from Team Sunbeam