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George Floyd case and Black Lives Matter

The recent incident in the US has been horrendously moving and we would like to say that Sunbeam Fostering is united against racism. We have clear policies against any form of racism and this is embedded across our agency, team and foster carers. 
Words cannot comprehend what has happened so it is important the we help our children and young people to put their emotions into words so they have a speaking platform to express their views, worries and concerns. 
Below is a talk on ‘A Courageous Presence with Racism’ in the light of the death of George Floyd:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MLGkGCLKw8&list=PL9j7sueFA9yBQ-lcY1MP-ub6xeqFcTYtI by Tara Brach an American Psychologist and Mediation Teacher.
The below two links regarding guidance in how to talk to children and young people about George Floyd.   Firstly, from the Child Mind Institute titled ‘Talking to kids about George Floyd’:
Second web link from Good Morning America (GMA) titled ‘How to talk to kids about race, privilege amid George Floyd Protests’.

If you would like any support on this or how to discuss Black Lives Matter with your children or young persons, please do contact us through our Head of Fostering – helend@sunbeamfostering.com or alternatively please speak with your supervising social worker.