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Fostering with Sunbeam Fostering Agency

As the need for more foster carers continues to rise, we are looking for people with enough love in their heart and lives to foster a child or young person to help them grow into young adults in a safe and loving environment.

There can be a lot of misconceptions around fostering and a lot of fostering myths. However, we continue to provide ongoing support and answer any misconceptions around fostering. We love hearing our foster carers experiences and stories.

One of our fantastic foster carers, Samina has shared her fostering experience and why she enjoys fostering with Sunbeam Fostering Agency.

“I am an approved foster carer in Croydon and have fostered several children in my time, nearly 8 years, from different backgrounds and ages. I decided to become a foster carer because I enjoy working with children, having three of my own, I believe I have a lot to offer. My children have been very optimistic and supportive about having foster children in the house and regard their foster siblings as family members. As carers, we partake in a lot of training initially and then on an ongoing basis throughout the year. This is very beneficial in understanding and helping the young people who have come into our care, as you don’t know what difficulties a child could potentially have when they come through your door.

Fostering has been very rewarding for me. Such as when they come up to you and ask for your advice or when you see their self-esteem rise. It is also satisfying to help them develop the skills you know they have and teach them those they do not currently possess.

I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with my supervising social workers who have guided, managed, and empowered me to become the best I can be over the years.

Furthermore, a strong social network, such as support groups made up of other foster carers, provide me with constant advice and support. There’s nothing else I’d rather do! I don’t consider it a job; rather, it is a blessing, and no other work will provide me with the opportunities that fostering does. My family and I share our support, our home, and our time. It can be difficult at times, so we needed perseverance. However, seeing the difference we have made in these young people’s lives is incredibly satisfying and your memories together stay with you for the rest of your life.

Samina R.”

If you are interested in beginning your own fostering journey, or would like some more information, our recruitment team are on hand to support you. Please contact us on 02087 990 930 or you can contact us via our call back request.