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Updates from Sunbeam Fostering Group

Recent year end and thank you!

It was the year end recently for our agency to 31 March 2021 – this marks another twelve months of fantastic support and efforts from our foster carers and the staff team at Sunbeam. This is particularly in the last year with the challenges of COVID. Our foster carers, their children and staff have really shown their commitment and resilience. Together we have supported over 800 children and young persons, held over 175 virtual events for training and support groups and the achievements from young persons have been great to hear about. Please can I extend our continued thank you to all our foster carers that make an amazing difference every day through their support.

COVID can’t change the support and outcomes that foster carers achieve!

Foster carers are amazing through their support to children placed with them and to their own children. There are now over 80,000 children in care and we urgently require more foster carers to help achieve positive outcomes together through fostering. Sunbeam is actively recruiting in England with a particular focus on London, Hampshire, Coventry, Nottingham and Northamptonshire. I regularly speak to foster carers and it is always great to hear about the extra support from foster carers such as piano lessons for children, helping organise cricket practice, home baking and art classes. Please do contact us as we are passionate our young persons and foster carers – we would love you to join the Sunbeam Family!

Sunbeam is expanding into the North West

We are delighted to update you that we have recently opened a new resource centre in Blackburn. This is to support new foster carers locally in the North West region including Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire. This is building on our existing locations in the Midlands, South and London. We urgently require foster carers in the North West and all our existing regions. It will be great to focus on the North West also being from Preston myself and going to school and college in the local area! Our commitment continues to our current foster carers also. Please do contact us to join the Sunbeam Family!

NCS Programme! Excellent experience for young persons!

We just wanted to put a shout out for the great work and programmes offered through the NCS scheme! The registrations are currently open for the summer dates. We would encourage all young persons (age 16 and 17) to participate and we will be actively promoting this with our foster carers and young persons! Please click here for more information.