Foster Carer

Fun activities to do with your children!

Occasionally it can be hard to find fun things to do with all the family. However, we have come up with some enjoyable indoors and outdoor activities that you and your family may enjoy doing!

Bake together: Get creative in the kitchen! It could be a fun activity that all the family could take part in and enjoy. This can also teach your children fundamental life skills which will benefit them later on. This also gives you the opportunity to show them some healthy habits.

Build a fort inside or outside: Creating a fort will hyphen your child’s wildest imagination. It is a great idea for rainy days inside, creating a warm cosy fort which you could play games in. But also a great idea for sunny days out, taking long walks and making a fort from logs, twigs and leaves!

Go to a zoo or a farm: Visiting the zoo or farm is a great day out for you and your family to see all the different types or animals and teach your child about them.

Create a boat or car out of an old cardboard box: Use different craft materials, paint glue, glitter and get creative making whatever your child feels out of old cardboard boxes.

The ‘I’m bored Jar’: Sit down as a family or with your children and think of lots of fun ideas that they like doing, this may include: going on family walks and visiting the library. The write down all the ideas on different coloured paper mix them up into the jar and keep it safe. Then when comes a day you have run out of ideas to do, pick a fun activity from the jar!

Go and see a movie: Have a look what is on at your local cinema or theatre, take a day trip there, this will give you the chance to spend some quality time together.

Get messy with play dough: Homemade play dough is simple and fun! With the opportunity to add in different scents and food colouring in any way you fancy.

Write a story: Create a short story with your child, it can be a great way to help them develop their reading and writing skills as well as opening up a world of imagination for them!

Get outside and play some sports: On a nice day it could be a fun family day to get outside in the fresh air and play some sports, you could invite friends and family and play some friendly games of rounder’s, netball or football.

Go on a picnic: On a nice sunny day, going on a picnic could be fun for all the family, you could pack up a bag and take it over to the park or go on adventure and take your picnic.

Take a trip to the seaside: It is always nice to go somewhere new on a family adventure, visiting the seaside it a great idea and family day out! You could have ice cream on the beach, visit the local shops and the pier!

Make a treasure hunt: Hide prizes around the house and in the garden, then draw up a map for your children to use to find the missing goodies.

Create and put on a puppet show: Get the craft box out, use the felt, paints, buttons and tissue paper and let the children make their own puppets, they could also create the stage for their puppets before putting on a spectacular performance for all the family.