Foster Carer

Providing the missing attachment in a child’s life

Providing the attachment that may be missing in a child’s life is key, the child in your care may have experienced something emotional and traumatic and their behaviour may reflect this. A child may act out; they may feel scared – it can be a very daunting process for a child to come into an unknown environment where they feel vulnerable and lonely. Therefore, he/she may misbehave, hide themselves away in their room.

Creating strict rules and lots of discipline to try and control their behaviour may not be working. According to Dan Hughes, educational psychologist this may be why, “I expect that you all have a set of rules, a naughty chair and lots of early bedtimes, Well, you’ve got it wrong. What you’re experiencing is distressed behaviour due to attachment problems and trauma in the early years. You must provide the attachment missing in their life. Build a bond and don’t put up more barriers by strict discipline.”

Having an understanding of this, could benefit the child in your care, making them feel more comfortable and interactive with you, it could be a great breakthrough for you both. Making the home environment a safer and more relaxing place.

Could you provide the missing attachment in a child’s life? If you would like to know more about fostering, contact us today – we would love to support you with your fostering journey.