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Fun & Useful Activities For Children And Young People

If your young child is bored or looking to take a step on some extra-curricular activities, then here are some skills to encourage them learning something useful this year!!

If your child or young person is passionate about cooking and wants to pursue the art, here is a recipe for them to start, although it’s a messy and long task for young children to pick up but hey! this will help them be fully independent later in life. There is a delicious list to start with, but why not ask the little cooking masters to work on their own signature sauce and get set started…! They will be able to make a delicious sauce with tomatoes (tinned or fresh) and a splash of authentic purée, as well as onions, garlic, and oreganos. From here, let their imaginations run free. Let them play around with the measurements and then talk about what they could add – basil, peppers, chilli powder or peri-peri salt for example.  don’t be afraid of mistakes, mistakes happen, and you might have to smile through a couple of questionable attempts, but they’ll soon find their feet. Depending on their age, you may have to supervise any chopping, blending, or boiling, but it’ll be worth!! Making sauce is also a great way to get them eating more veg – persuading them to do the washing up might not be quite as easy though!

OR GO FASHIONISTA! For the teens who are interested in fashion and design and want to learn new techniques or modern styles, the learning starts from sewing. Sewing is the most important and basic step towards becoming the master of fashion, allow them to sew some old clothes you have lying around. Let them fix the torn holes or add cool patches to the old ripped or rugged jeans you may have. It will improve their expertise of sewing with a needle and tighten that stitch. After that they can probably move onto more complex projects.

Make a photo collage, pick up a camera or just your phone and click the moments to keep them memorised. There are tons of photography courses online.  Try out different colour combinations and techniques of clicking pictures, go outdoors to capture the nature, or make a studio at home! Choose your best click and you could make a photo collage of your own clicked pictures.

Have you ever tried making a cross stitch? if your child or young person is a creative champ, let them make their own cross stich. You can get special kits designed for children and young people, help them by supervising so they don’t hurt themselves on the needles. Let them free to design the piece of their choice.

Put together a puzzle! Puzzles are really a fun activity for children and young people. For older children or young people, challenge them with a puzzle with 100 pieces and set the timer up. It will keep them concentrated for some time and see what they come up with. Announce them a prize or dinner cuisine of their choice if they complete the puzzle correct on time.

Let the children and young people anticipate and invent their interests, let them fly the sky. The first step towards achieving the goals starts at home! Try out various activities with your children and young people and share their experiments and achievements with us. Send us an email to socialm@sunbeamfostering.com and we will post our little stars’ creatives on our social media.

If you need any help or have any questions then please get in touch with us on 020 8799 0930.