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Staff Story

We recently asked our staff to share their journey and time at Sunbeam and why do they enjoy being part of the family. See below the journey shared by one of our Registered Manager from Sunbeam Pride, Emma Rawlinson.

“I have been a social worker for over 23 years and I am now lucky enough to have been working as a Registered Manager at Sunbeam Pride in Luton for nearly 3 years. The main reason why I love working at Sunbeam is because it gives me the opportunity to work closely with our fantastic foster carers and their families. This appeals greatly to me as my experience to date has consistently showed me that foster carers can and do change the lives of children and young people for the better. I also value the fact that Sunbeam is an agency which understands that, at times a more creative support plan is needed in order that the individual needs of children, young people and carers can be met more effectively. In addition, The Team at Sunbeam Pride are a very child focused committed group of professionals and that is something of which I am very proud of.

We always love hearing about our team member’s stories and journeys of being a part of the Sunbeam Family! We look forward to sharing more stories. If any of our foster carers, children, young people or birth children would like to share their story with us, please contact us on 020 8799 0930 or email us on socialm@sunbeamfostering.com.