Child-safety Children and Young People


You often hear the continuing sadness of young people being influenced from their surroundings and trying to make a status amongst their circle of friends. Yet are the circle of friends really a good influence on them and how can we prevent young people falling amongst such crowds. It is sad to read the following article and hear that young people perceive a loss of a young life as “the norm”.

Life is such a precious gift and we only get the one chance to make the most of our lives – when we think how can we make it better for a young person not to be influenced to get involved or engage with the wrong crowd, it truly comes from love and support including guidance from parents and siblings etc.

Foster carers also play a crucial role here as they are young people’s second parents too, they will love a young person no different to their own and they too can make young people understand responsibility, respect, love and to be the better generation who appreciate their lives including others.

This is why it becomes rewarding for foster carers as they take on the challenge to shelter and nourish a child or young person, give them time to talk and laugh and with their commitment and love, foster carers help these children and young people with their journeys of life and as much as one may think it does not make a difference it truly does.

For many children and young people the prevention of engaging in the wrong crowds and gangs has been prevented due to the positive support of foster carers giving them hope and showing them light at the end of the tunnel when they feel the only answer is to get involved with the wrong side.

Read the latest article on gangs from the Evening Standard by clicking here.

At Sunbeam Fostering, we are offering many trainings and support groups to all foster carers and young persons which provide right help and support and enable them how to deal or to whom they need to inform. There are more than 65,000 fostering children with more than 55,000 foster families. The demand of foster carers increasing day by day, if you want to become a foster carer or need any help, please give us a call on 02087 990 930.