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Latest Support and Response to COVID-19

Sunbeam Fostering Agency is following Government Advice relating to COVID-19 and ensuring best practice and support is adhered to. This is to ensure the welfare of everyone is prioritised and to provide the best possible for support children, foster carers, staff and all other related parties.

We thank our foster carers, children, staff and partners for their amazing response to managing effectively with COVID-19.

Specific measures and responses from the agency include (but are not limited to):

  • Practice Guidance and Support Policy implemented and shared with foster carers
  • Staff Guidance Policy implemented and shared with staff
  • Other Guidance shared with external parties on working practices and support including panel members and Form F assessors
  • COVID-19 Safety Plan implemented for all fostering households
  • Training and events are being held virtually
  • Home visits to foster carers are continuing on a virtual basis during the second lockdown from Thursday 5 November. Face to face visits are being held where needed for safeguarding reasons or other specific needs
  • Our offices remain open and operational subject to safety measures for all staff and visitors
  • Health measures for each office, staff contact, meetings and visits
  • Business continuity plan updated for COVID-19
  • Working from home for staff implemented where possible
  • Trackers implemented for foster carers, children and staff that are unwell to monitor progress
  • Education workshops being held for children and young persons

The agency will continue to monitor Government Advice and respond accordingly.

If foster carers, children or other parties have any questions or concerns, please do contact us.

The above is a summary only and we have a full business continuity response to COVID-19 available.