National Care Leavers Week Stories

National Care Leavers’ Week

National Care Leavers’ Week

National Care Leavers’ Week serves as a powerful reminder of the remarkable resilience displayed by those who have navigated through the foster care system. This year we will be supporting The Alliance for Looked After Children & Care Leavers with their theme of Care where we will be focusing on Celebrate care leavers/ care-experienced individuals, Amplify their voices, Raise awareness of challenges, Encourage change in policy and practice.

During this National Care Leavers’ week, we will be sharing the extraordinary stories of many our care leavers who thrived despite all the odds, from academic achievements to personal milestones, each care leaver’s journey serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the transformative power of love support and perseverance.

Each story encapsulates a unique journey, highlighting the challenges faced and the unwavering determination that has led to extraordinary accomplishments. From overcoming personal obstacles to achieving academic and professional success.

At Sunbeam Fostering, our mission has always been to provide unwavering support and guidance to every child in our care, empowering them to reach their full potential and pursue their dreams. Our dedicated team of professionals remains committed to fostering a nurturing environment that encourages personal growth and development. By highlighting the inspiring journeys of care leavers, we hope to inspire a greater sense of community support and understanding for those who have faced challenging circumstances in their lives.