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Response to Westminster Government Adoption Announcement

25th January 2016

In response to the Government in Westminster’s announcement on 13 January regarding adoption, and in particular education secretary Nicky Morgan’s assertion that ‘Every single day a child spends waiting in …

Memory boxes for Looked After Children

5th October 2015

Memories, both happy and sad, shape who we are and help us to understand ourselves and those around us. They enable us to make sense of our world so that …

What we do for Young People in Foster Care

3rd October 2015

We work with young people who are in care and facing difficulties in their life, providing short and long-term accommodation as well as practical help and advice.  Sunbeam Fostering addresses the …

Types Of Foster Care Placement

2nd October 2015

Foster care placement can last for days, months or sometimes years. While some children return to their birth families, others may stay in foster care for long term or short term …