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Safeguarding children

Safeguarding children

The role of a foster carer is unique, as they look after vulnerable children 24 hours a day and therefore it is vital they receive the appropriate training and support. It is important for carers to understand what children may have been through and what traumatic experiences they have had and so to face particular risks appropriately.

Many of us would have heard the term ‘Safeguarding’. However it may be something that some of us do not fully understand or recognise its importance. Therefore, it is key to understand safeguarding from different perspectives.

‘Safeguarding’ is the term used to enable the protection of children and to ensure they receive the provision of safe and effective care. By safeguarding children, we are protecting them from maltreatment and preventing any impairment of their health and development. It is taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes.

All individuals regardless of their religion, culture, gender, nationality, ethnicity and sexual orientation, need to be safeguarded and protected. It is a human right that we should all feel safe at all times. Although, keeping safe or even identifying dangerous situations can be difficult for children and they may be unable to protect themselves. Children are the future and so in order to have a better and safer tomorrow, we need to have all children brought up in a safer environment.

All organisations who work with children all need to have an effective safeguarding policy in place and meet the legal standard set up by the government. It is the responsibility of all organisations to protect and safeguard the children in their care. Any safeguarding issues need to be identified, reported and then if necessary, take action to safeguard. It is a key area of practice that should be demonstrated in all settings where children are vulnerable. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and it needs to be paramount in care.

As a well-organised agency and from having extensive experience in childcare and social service, we always focus on making sure that children and young people are safeguarded. We ensure all our policies and procedures are kept up to date and that our staff and carers have the appropriate training.

Lets join hands together and promote safeguarding to the best of our ability especially during Foster Care Fortnight.