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Safer Internet For Children And Young People

Now a days being online has become essential to all – adults, children and young people as internet could be useful for homework research, to learn something new, to stay connected with family and friends or to explore the world by even sitting at home!

Online access is useful for many things but at the same time comes with its risks. There are many online predators trying to reach your data or misuse your personal information from social media. The predators can encourage your child or young person to leak any personal information or can even trace their contact number to get them involved in online criminal activities.

Therefore, you must be aware that what your children and young people watch online or what activities are they involved into. If it is a game, then prevent your children from being a part of life risk games. In the past there have been numerous incidents where many children and youngsters committed suicide as they were unable to complete a challenge such as – blue whale challenge, Ice bucket, Pokémon Go and many more!

Sunbeam is driven by children’s needs, and we also believe that it is very important to monitor your children and young people in order prevent them from taking a wrong step.

Tips to prevent your children from online abusive activities:

  1. Get Involved – Monitor your child’s online activities and spend time to teach your children about online fishing.
  2. Be Aware – It is important to monitor your bills and credit/debit card transactions in a uniform manner and ensure none of your bank card’s information is leaked or hacked, if you see any unrecognised transaction then you must take immediate actions.
  3. Talk – Another fact for children looking into illegitimate information online is because there is a lack of communication between children and the parents or parents hesitate to talk openly with children and young people.
  4. Cut down hours – Do not let your child spend the whole day on tablets or phones, break their time or make a schedule of number of hours they can use internet and bookmark the sites they use.

This safer internet day Sunbeam encourages you to ensure your child’s internet safety by being serious about your kids’ internet activities that will help to protect your child of being exposed to the potential danger.

 At Sunbeam Fostering, we are also offering many different trainings to foster carers and foster children about internet safety that will help you and your child to be cautious of the danger.

If you require more information, then please feel free to call us on 02087990930.