Shocking Findings Concerning Vulnerable Children

Shocking Findings Concerning Vulnerable Children

A shocking report from the Children’s Commissioner from statistics collated by government departments and agencies found that approximately 46,000 young people in England are believed to be involved in gangs.

There was a report recently in the Birmingham Mail that claimed vulnerable schoolgirls were being groomed by other girls and then raped by gang members. Louise Williams, the director of Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre in Gloucester suggest that there is a huge gang culture and vulnerable young people are being targeted.

Also of concern were figures that highlight the most vulnerable young people in our society being victims of modern day slavery, in fact the estimation is around 1,2000 children. Statistics also confirm that there are 15,000 young people who have parents with alcohol issues and also around 12,000 who have parents being treated for drug related addiction.

The report found that a staggering 119,000 children were homeless and that 160,000 young people were excluded from school. Furthermore, at least 200,000 children were or are experiencing trauma and abuse.

What is more shocking is that these are just the known numbers. There are a number of families and children that are in need that are not known to the local authority. Robert Goodwill who is the Minister for Children and Families informed Sky News that “…We recognize the scale of this challenge – and, while the number of children in need has remained relatively static since 2010, there is always more to do…”

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