Fostering Children

10 Manners every child should be taught

10 Manners every child should be taught

Being a parent or foster parent isn’t a simple task these days. Reeling children in is so much easier said than done.

Whatever happened to teaching children the ins and outs of being polite, well-mannered member of society?

Below are 10 seemingly lost manners that should be on every parent’s list of things to teach their children. It is not really any one parents fault; it is just that we, as a people have forgotten about them.

  1. Don’t comment on physical appearance
  2. Ask others how they are feeling?
  3. Remember table manners
  4. Clean up after yourself
  5. Remember to show gratitude
  6. Ask permission
  7. Address people by name
  8. Respect your elders
  9. Hold doors open for strangers
  10. Respect other people’s privacy and personal space