Fostering Events

Southampton Mela Festival

On Saturday 14th July 2018, we attended an information event at the Southampton Mela Festival! It was a great day filled with fun, there was a fantastic atmosphere and it was nice to meet everyone. Many people showed an interested and wanted to know more and had great questions to ask. We had some great conversations with people about fostering and how they could also start their own unique fostering journey.

Many people have heard myths about fostering, such as to foster you must own your own home, or you need to be married. These are myths which aren’t true. Attending these information events gives you and us the opportunity to clear up these fostering myths. We would love to help you start your fostering journey, we know it can feel like a daunting process at the start, but we have highly skilled team who will support you through every step of your journey. From the day you enquire, up until the point where you are approved. Once you are approved you will have your own dedicated supervising social worker. With Sunbeam, you will be provided with all the support and training that you need.

We have lots of great information on our website, if you would like to speak to a member of our team contact us on 02087 990 930.