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Teenage Victim of The Blue Whale Challenge

Teenage Victim of The Blue Whale Challenge

A 15 year old child in Texas committed suicide after taking part in the notorious Blue Whale Challenge, allege his parents. According to KASAT, Isaiah was found hanging inside a bedroom closet by his father Jorge Gonzalez at his home on the 8th July in San Antonio, It is claimed that close to Isaiah’s body was a mobile that Isaiah used to broadcast his suicide over social media. Isaiah’s parents claim that the online game is the reason Isaiah took his own life.

The Blue Whale Challenge is an internet phenomenon that has reached the UK from Europe. It targets young vulnerable people encouraging them to participate in a suicide game of 50 challenges over 50 days. It was thought that this “game” was losing its popularity, but recent new reported cases suggest that is not the case.

This Blue Whale Challenge involves a variety of harmful acts that become more extreme after each challenge. These include acts of self-harm with razors, watching scary movies in the very early hours of the morning and visiting high buildings, railway lines and bridges with a view to preparing to jump later in the challenge. It is reported that the 11th challenge is to carve a whale on their arms or legs and send a photo to the curator; the 50th challenge is to commit suicide to win the game. The “players” are reported to be encouraged to jump from a high building, railway line or bridge or hang themselves. The Curator encourages the victim to send photos of the challenges as they are completed. They are encouraged to talk to others competing via social media.

This “game” began in Russia and is reported to have caused at least 130 suicides in young people. Parents and carers are being warned to be vigilant and monitor internet access and raise concerns when necessary.

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