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Staff Golf and Dinner Event

Last week Sunbeam arranged a fun filled evening of golf and yummy food! All Team members from our Head office in Langley, Portsmouth, South and East London came together to enjoy the company of their colleagues and the beautiful weather.

We started the evening with some golf! There were 5 teams of 6 and the games were very competitive…  playing golf was a great way for all staff to interact and show off their skills. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. A few members of the team had never played golf before, so it was their first time. The directors and other experienced members helped with plotting the golf balls and also getting the highest points possible.

After golf, we then went to Mumbai Junction for dinner after working up an appetite from the golfing. Everyone was super hungry, and the aroma of the food was amazing! The food was Indian cuisine including chicken lollipops, sheesh kebabs and Rasmalai for dessert.

At the end of the evening once the food was all eaten, all the staff got together for some music and dance. The hall had a mic and a speaker available, and different members of the team took the lead in hosting the night. The highlight of the night was when the directors got involved in the game of musical chairs. This was the best way for everyone to work off the food that we had eaten. During the musical chairs, staff were all fun fighting for a seat and after a lot of dancing the winners deserved to have a rest on the chair they danced for. The evening was full of a lot of fun and laughter and also a great way for all of the team members from different offices to get together until the next staff social outing!