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Thinking of creative activities this Easter?

The Easter break is now upon us. Schools have closed for the holidays, and you may be thinking of what fun activities you can do this Easter that the whole family can get involved in!  We have come up with some fun activities for the whole family to get involved in.

  • Play your own Easter Egg Hunt:

Creating your own Easter Egg hunt is the perfect opportunity to get the whole family involved! Set out eggs around the garden, or in the park or even in the house! This is something to keep your children and young people occupied for a while. It’s a game that can be played more than once! You could even use mini foil-covered chocolate eggs or plastic eggs if you don’t want them to be having too much chocolate!

  • Who can paint the best egg:

Hard boil some eggs and let the fun begin! Get out the arts and crafts box and see who can paint the best egg. Use a range of different paint colours, stickers, and anything else you can get your hands on. This is something the whole family can join in on! Let the best egg win.

  • Egg and spoon race:

The egg and spoon race is a classic school game that has been played for years. Why not set up for own egg and spoon race in your garden or local park. Get your children involved and even ask their friends. The perfect way to spend some time outdoors and a bit of friendly competition. Who knows … there could even be a prize for the winner.

  • Ready…Steady…. Bake:

Time to put on the apron and start baking in the kitchen! Look up some of your family favourite Easter treats. From some traditional treats such as hot crossed buns, to some creative cookie designs or simple create your easter waffle bunny, make Easter Bunnies out of frozen waffles for an easy, healthy, and fun springtime treat! A face decorated with fresh fruit on top of waffles, decorated with a syrup of your choice this is a breakfast that is sure to start your kids’ day off right.

  • Make an Easter basket or box: 

Challenge your children to design and decorate an Easter basket or box using their imagination or provide them with a free Easter box design that they can make themselves. The colouring in part of this activity can be done by children of any age, but the cutting, sticking and assembly parts are more suited to older primary-aged children.  

Let us know if our ideas were helpful and do not forget to send us your pictures on socialM@sunbeamfostering.com to be shared on our social media pages.