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Stress Awareness Month (April 2022)

Stress Awareness Month is held every year in April since 1992 to raise awareness on mental health.  The last two years have been very challenging, and everyone have faced extreme stress and trauma and have been seeking support (covid 19).  Thus, this year’s theme for national stress awareness month is “Community”.    Many aspects of life can cause stress, specially to children or young people as they might not talk freely to their parents about what they are going through from inside.

There could be many sources of stress in children and young people such as for young children, tension at home is a common source of stress. Children may be troubled by family dispute or divorce, and might have big life changes, such as a new stepparent or new home. School is another frequent source of concern for children. Young children might be stressed about making friends, dealing with bullies or getting along with their teachers. They might also be anxious about tests and grades and for many more reasons!

Therefore, here we are sharing some useful tips for parents to help their children and young people overcome stress and anxiety issues.

  • Sleep well – It is important for children to have a good silent sleep for physical and emotional well-being. Sometimes putting a light music on a low volume can help children getting into a good sleep.
  • Exercise – Take your child for some exercise! Physical activity is a common way for stress reliever and makes one feel energetic and positive in life.
  • Talk it out – If you find your child being withdrawn or silent and which you think is unlikely of them then do not wait, talk to them and let them speak out the worries holding them back. Tell your child that you are there for them.
  • Make time for fun – Another aspect of releasing stress is to have some fun family time or visiting friends. Spending time with friends and family often helps in deleting the concerns and helps to divert the mind.
  • Get outside – It is helpful to get outside in the nature. Take your children for walks or for some fun activities to have an active routine.
  • Meditate – Meditation is one of the most powerful ways of overcoming anxiety and stress. Half an hour meditation a day could really help a child young person to move forward with their issues.

Sunbeam Fostering provides multiple workshops and trainings on how to deal with children and young persons with anxiety or trauma. We also offer 24 hours and 365 days support to all our foster carers. If you want to know more or help children in need then get in touch on 020 8799 0930 today and speak to our team.