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Let’s talk PANTS! – Understanding the signs of sexual abuse.

Let’s talk PANTS! – Understanding the signs of sexual abuse.

Understanding the signs of sexual abuse.

According to the NSPCC 1 in 20 children in the UK have been sexually abused.

Sexual abuse can happen anywhere, anytime and for children, it is usually by someone they know and trust. However, it does not always have to be physical as it can also occur online.

For children, especially very young children, they might not understand what is happening and not understand that it is wrong. Therefore, it is important for children to understand what is right and wrong and to make them aware it is important to tell someone if something made them feel uncomfortable.

The NSPCC introduced the campaign ‘Pants’, to help parents teach children what is right and wrong when it comes to physical contact. The campaign aims to prevent and uncover sexual abuse


P- Pants are private.

A- Always remember your body always belongs to you.

N- No means no.

T- Talk about secrets that upset you.

S- Speak up, someone can help you.



Children who have been sexually abused may:

  • Stay away from people or avoid being alone with certain people.
  • Show sexualized behaviour that’s inappropriate for their age.
  • Or have physical symptoms.


Sexual abuse can ruin a childhood and have a severe impact on their upbringing and adult life and therefore it is important to safeguard children at all times. By ensuring children are safe and giving adults the knowledge and understanding to take action, can help prevent sexual abuse.