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Unforgettable Day in My School Life

Unforgettable Day in My School Life

Here is a true story of a teenager who believes that “where there is a will, there is a way”.

August 2nd, 2004 was one day which can never be forgotten by me, in my life. That was my last ‘Sports Day’ at School (Sacred Heart, Church Park). I was in my XII grade then, we have five houses Shamrocks, Lilies, Roses, Lotus and Violets. I was the Games Captain of the Violets.

We were in the lead already during the practice sessions and the rehearsals, which gave us a hope to win the most prestigious Queen’s Cup (Overall Championship).

Unfortunately on Sports Day I fell sick and was suffering from severe dehydration and high fever with a mute throat. Yet all I thought was about my team. My mom was strictly against me participating in the Sports Day events with such poor health conditions. Still I kept the alarm and prayed to God asking him to give me strength to face the day.

My Day as it happened

Alarm rang!
5.30 am- Went for warm up training session at the University Union grounds.

7.30 am- Went to the stadium for final March Past rehearsals. I could hardly walk, and all my co-captains were really worried about my health, as the doctor had asked me to stay off from everything for a week.

9.30- I got back home. As I knew I would not be able to get up, I decided to take a shower, get dressed with other accessories, after which, I dint want to lie down cause I knew I would sleep. So I listened to music and browsed in order to stay awake. Finally I ended up sleeping, and my mom intentionally did not wake me up.

2.30- I got up all of a sudden and realized that I am not just late but I am damn late. I took my bags, started my bike and raced through the roads.

2.45- I reached the stadium, and ran to my house tent, as I entered I saw my house almost marching to the last curve, I ran fast, wore my sash and realized that I had forgotten my hat in my hurry burry. It ended well though.

Then began the lighting of the torch…to …marching back to the tents and finally the events started.

As the time was passing by…I became weaker unable to eat any food or fluids but was constantly throwing up at the end of every race…I managed to stay in the second place in all the events, with great difficulty. And then came 100 mts hurdles, which sprained my calf muscle, but I had one more important event to go i.e 4×100 mts relay. At the end of the day, we tied up with the Lilies with 105 points. The last event to go was the relay for the A division (my division). I told my substitute to go for it, although I still wanted to run the race. I was hardly able to stand and my friends encouraged me a lot. Despite all this I broke into tears and prayed to God, recalling the amount of workout, time and dedication I had put in. I finally made up my mind and started limping towards the fourth leg – start line, in fact, I was unable to take one step at a time…people carried me. Some of the Captains even came and started consoling me on my efforts, which was going in vain. I was sitting near the start line and once the race started I could not stop myself from cheering my team mates as they ran behind the others, in the first leg they were last and in the second leg too, they were way beyond others, in the third leg, my team mate who was running, fell down and all the others in the fourth leg started running towards the end line. I went 20 mts back to my teammate, literally grabbed the batten from her and started sprinting towards the end line.

I could hear my team cheering my Name… …. …I only thought of the finish line…and wanted to secure at least third so that we get 1 point and win the Overall Cup.
Eventually when I completed, I remember someone hugged me tight and everything went blank and dark..I knew I had finished third, but was not sure.

When I got up after five minutes, I could see all cheers and my team mates carrying me to my tent. I witnessed standing ovation from the audience and my name being called on the mike so many times. And finally my teammates came and hugged me telling, that this was the first time they were getting a gold medal in their life and that was when I realized that I finished First!! I just thanked God endlessly because I knew my state and definitely without Gods will, I would not have marched towards that victory.

Then the day ended with the Prize Distribution and as the proud Captain of the Violets receiving the most prestigious Queens Cup from the Chief Guest, an International Classical Dancer and an alumni of our School. The joy within me, and that feeling could not be explained in words…It was truly a day which I cherished in my life.

Despite my bad health and so many other obstacles…it turned out to be “My Day”…and an unforgettable day in my school life.

Praise God! He really exists!