Foster Carer Fostering Sunbeam

What we do for Young People in Foster Care

We work with young people who are in care and facing difficulties in their life, providing short and long-term accommodation as well as practical help and advice.

 Sunbeam Fostering addresses the home life issues which often lie behind individual difficulties. We take time with every child to tackle the problems they face while encouraging positive behaviour as well as offering support with education, employability, addiction and self-harm issues.

Foster Carers are there to provide a safe environment, by committing their time and resources to making sure that each child has stability and support throughout all aspects of their life. Foster carers attend meetings as a representative for the child they foster and document any information they may receive on behalf of the child. Along with fulfilling administration tasks, each carer manages behaviour and encourages the child through education, whilst also promoting contact with the child’s birth families and the foster family.

We also have the following to help you:

Regular support groups where you can meet other children in the Fostering Agency have fun and share experiences

A handbook for children and young people covering foster care

Feedback forms for you to let us know your thoughts which are very important to us

Whether you may be a child or young person living with a foster carer, you will each have your own different issues and concerns. We hope that you can talk these through with people you know, friends and your carers. You can also talk to our staff team at Sunbeam Fostering Agency and your social worker. At any time, you can contact us and if you would like to arrange a one to one discussion with your social worker, please do ask. We are here to support and want to help with any worries you may have.