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Getting a Hold of that Anger in Children

Getting a Hold of that Anger in Children

Anger is an emotion one can easily relate with. There is no such being on this planet that hasn’t been subjected to negative thoughts and emotions. In fact, anger is considered to play a significant role in our lives, the more we decide to vent it out the less we feel vulnerable. However, what needs to be noticed is how anger is expressed and dealt with, and how often it takes a toll over your emotions.

Similarly, anger plays an equivalently significant role in the lives of children as they tend to feel the anger in a similar way the adults do. Handling the anger of a child is not a child’s play as their reactions are susceptible to change according to their mood. Although, the children may be known for their act of stubbornness, throwing tantrums and seeking attention, but at certain point of time it should be realised that there might be a serious reason behind it, which they’ve been hiding for a prolonged period. For example, getting treated or abused badly in the past and still feeling angry about it and yet unable to express it in a correct manner and ultimately end up carrying it all ‘bottled up’ within themselves.

Therefore, in order to treat them one should consider the following:

· Are they struggling at school?

· Are they facing trouble in making friends?

· Are they getting bullied?

· Are they having issues in expressing themselves?

Once, all these facets are taken into consideration by the adults in reference to their behaviour towards children, one will observe a massive improvement in a child’s behaviour. Also, being aware of our own attitudes to anger is extremely important in handling the children so that we do not create a negative impression in their mindset.

What a Parent/Carer should do?

When a child is angry:

· Remain calm and deal with patience.

· Be sympathetic and deal with them with a gentle smile.

· Be assertive and handle their anger without being aggressive.

· Remind them that whatever they are feeling is ok and teach them about anger issues.

· Always give them a second chance to explain themselves and pay attention to every detail they express.

Therefore, anger should be addressed as synonymous to grief, anxiety, and loneliness. It portrays an individual’s grievances and prevailing emotional circumstances. To deal with it one must adopt practices like:

· Meditation

· Exercise Regularly

· Yoga

· Listening to positive and peaceful music

· Eat healthy

However, anger shall always be an integral part of our lifestyle as our human body is interconnected with series of emotions and anger seems to be one of the common one amid all. It is also normal to deal with it making sure to exercise control over anger before anger takes control of you.

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