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Celebrities who grew up in Foster Care

Celebrities who grew up in Foster Care

International Youth Day is observed throughout the world on August 12. It is an initiative that honours the traits of young people and acknowledges the challenges that today’s fledging youth is facing.  It is a day for reflection but also a day for taking action. On this international youth, day let’s talk about some of the young people who, with the right support from their foster family, grew up to be incredibly successful adults

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, a leader, anti- apartheid, and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, is one of the most significant political figures of the 20th century. Mandela is revered as the founder of South Africa’s modern era. He played a crucial role in overthrowing the repressive regime and establishing democracy. Nelson was raised by the tribe’s chief after his father passed away when he was nine years old.

Alonzo Mourning

Alonzo Mourning is a former basketball player and executive in the United States. In his 15-year NBA career, Mourning spent the majority of his time with the Miami Heat. Mourning has been the Heat’s vice president of player programs and development since June 2009. But did you know Mourning spent his childhood in a foster home? He was torn between living with one parent or the other during counselling, so he opted to stay in a group home. He attributes his growth into the person he is today to his foster mother. “She instilled in me the importance of faith, the value of education, and how to be a man,” he said. He claimed that many kids in foster care might be motivated by his story and encouraged to stop feeling guilty about their circumstances as a result.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy, an Oscar-nominated actor, is well-known for his comedic roles in films like 48 Hours, and Beverly Hills cops. Murphy was born in Brooklyn, New York City, and raised there in the Bushwick neighbourhood. His father, Charles Edward Murphy, was a transit policeman who also dabbled in comedy and acting. Lillian Murphy, his mother, was a telephone operator. His father passed away in 1969. Later, he claimed that he died when I was eight years old and that my parents got divorced when I was three. Murphy and his older brother Charlie, who was eight at the time, spent a year in foster care after their single mother became ill. In interviews, Murphy has asserted that his upbringing in foster care had a significant influence on his sense of humour.

Victoria Rowell

The Young & Restless, actress Victoria Rowell, who is best known for her work in these shows, did not have a happy upbringing. Her 2007 memoir, The Women Who Raised Me, details the various women who raised her over the course of 18 years after she and her siblings were placed in foster care when she was just 16 days old.

Rowell has never been formally adopted, but her early years had a significant impact on who she is today. Since then, Rowell has founded her own non-profit organisation called Foster Children Positive Plan. It is a group committed to using the performing arts and sports to support, guide, and encourage foster children. She is also a passionate advocate on behalf of children in foster care.

The fact that so many well-known people grew up in foster care demonstrates how effective the system is at assisting kids from difficult situations and backgrounds. Children can have a second chance at life and grow up to become successful adults with the help of the right foster family. If you think you can provide love and a safe home to a child, please contact us today on 020 8799 0930 or visit our website at www.sunbeamfostering.com