Sexting – Parent MUST know to keep their kids safe

Sexting – Parent MUST know to keep their kids safe

Social media and technology is one of the largest influences in today’s society and children are becoming more aware of how to hide information from their parents and carers. Being unable to understand cryptic texts could allow parents to miss vital clues that are putting children at risk.

As more and more children and young people are using sexting codes to conceal information about themselves or what they might be up to it is becoming more difficult to safeguard children. By understanding these codes, parents and carers can help children at risk and stop them from being involved in crimes, drugs or even suicide. For example; KMS and KYS which mean ‘kill myself’ and ‘kill yourself’ respectively.

Children and young people may be unaware of the implications that can follow when sending or receiving indecent images. As according to the NSPCC 40% of teenagers asked, said they had created a sexual image or video, and about a quarter said they had sent one to someone else by text. Therefore, young people may be oblivious to the fact that under British Law it is illegal and a serious criminal offence to take, hold or share indecent photos of anyone under the age of 18.