Sunbeam Safeguarding Week

Sunbeam Safeguarding Week

Sunbeam Midlands Team held our safeguarding week from 26th June to 30th June. We had a programme of events taking place over the week that our staff team and fostering panel members attended.

We started the week by attending a presentation facilitated by our registered manager where we looked at a serious case review, so that we could identify any lessons learned for our own work. This included how we talk to young people, have meaningful conversations with them, and understand their lived experiences for us to help make a positive difference.

On the second day, we heard from a manager of an Emergency Duty Service. She explained the role and purpose of that service, the different referrals that they receive, and how different services and agencies can work together to achieve the best outcomes. A short film of a day in the life of an emergency duty social worker was also shared which gave us a good insight into what the role involves.

On day three we heard from a LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) who told us about his role, when the LADO should become involved in casework, how to make a referral, and LADO procedures. He gave us a helpful historical overview of how the role has developed including the case that triggered LADO procedures. He also discussed with us additional considerations for us to think about.

On day four we heard from a social worker based in a local MASH Team. She explained her role, the type of work that she deals with,  and the timescales that the team works to. She told us how to make a referral and where to access the referral form. We can also contact the team for informal advice if we need to.

On our last day, we heard from one of our team managers who talked through a complex safeguarding case that she had been involved with. She talked through the child’s individual risk safety plan (IRSP) and how that had been drawn up and regularly reviewed to identify the risks and to support the carers and the team around the child in managing those risks.

Throughout this week we have explored various aspects of safeguarding and engaged in meaningful discussion and training sessions for all our staff members. Safeguarding Week enabled us to demonstrate the agency’s commitment to safeguarding all our foster children and creating a safe and nurturing environment for all of the children in our care. There was good participation from the team in terms of attendance and in asking questions. We intend this to become an annual event.